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This page describes the variables used by PmWiki for Internationalizations (i18n).

%apply=item id=Default Page Charset?%$DefaultPageCharset
Fix and correctly handle some pages with missing or wrong attributes when UTF-8 is enabled.
%apply=item id=Enable XL Page Script Load?%$EnableXLPageScriptLoad
This variable, if set to 0, will disable the ‘xlpage-i18n’ parameter in XL Page? definitions and thus it will prevent editors from (accidentally) loading scripts and changing the website encoding. Note that if you use this variable, you should include the required scripts, eg. xlpage-utf-8.php, from config.php.
%apply=item id=Var Pages Fmt?%$VarPagesFmt
An array which contains the Page Names? where you can find lists (trails) of pages containing variable definitions. To be modified when documentation is not in English. See scripts/vardoc.php.
An array (hash) which contains pairs of language identifiers and translation hashes. Each translation hash maps a given lookup key (or phrase) into a corresponding text string for the given language. Thus, it is essentially a multi-lingual dictionary used for phrase translation. It is also used for handling user preference mappings. Thus, the ‘e_row’ value that one finds on the Site.Preferences page is loaded into $XL during preference processing.
%apply=item id=XL Langs?%$XLLangs
An array that contains the names of the currently active language definitions. Only dictionaries in $XL that are named in $XLLangs are used by the $[...] markup when performing a translation.

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Edit Variables | Variables | Layout Variables

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